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Our Focus

“To bring more light into this world.”

The world seems pretty dark at the moment.

We are devastating the environment, wildlife is suffering around the globe, and more than a billion people live in extreme poverty.

The global challenges that we face are enormous and can seem overwhelming at times.

Our Approach

“Hope, vision and ingenuity will carry the day.”

While the myriad of environmental and social issues confronting humanity is daunting, we remain optimistic.

At NobleLight, we hold a fundamental belief that a positive worldview of unity, abundance and love will triumph over division, scarcity and fear.



We are applying a venture capital approach to philanthropy and infusing it with compassion.

MIND—we take a disciplined and analytical approach when researching key issues facing humanity and…

HEART—we keep our hearts open to the immense suffering and trauma that exists today.

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The NobleLight Approach:
Research. Support. Highlight.


“Identifying the best and brightest is a cornerstone of NobleLight.”

Our approach is simple: We profile the top issues facing humanity, identify the most promising solutions to those issues, and then go on the hunt for talented and passionate social entrepreneurs tackling those issues.


“Brilliant, passionate people will save this world.”

Once we find and vet a great team of social entrepreneurs, we support them with capital and strategic guidance. Our goal is straightforward: maximize the return on our charitable investments.

We want to see these social entrepreneurs make a huge positive impact on the world, and we aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves when we support them.


“Shine a light on the heroes and angels among us.”

Whenever we support a non-profit organization or a small team of social entrepreneurs, there’s one more critical step in our process…spreading the word.

Why donate to an extraordinary cause and keep quiet, when we can rally others to join us? Collective giving has more impact and it’s more fun.

It’s this last defining step—making that extra effort to share and promote great causes— which we find incredibly rewarding.

Here are a few examples of non-profits that we’ve researched and currently support. If you have time or capital that you wish to contribute, you can’t go wrong donating to any of these organizations:

“In the end, love is all that matters.”

About Us

NobleLight is a private 501(c)(3) charitable foundation. Its mission: find, support and celebrate the social entrepreneurs at the frontier of positive socioeconomic and environmental change.

The chairman and founder of the NobleLight Foundation is Todd Chaffee. After years of leading one of Silicon Valley’s top venture capital firms, he established the NobleLight Foundation in 2012 to help make a positive impact on the planet.

Todd, his wife Kat, and the entire NobleLight team invite you to join them in working to make the world a better place.

Todd & Kathryn Chaffee
Todd & Kathryn Chaffee

“Loving kindness is the key to happiness.”

Contact Us

If you would like to reach anyone at the NobleLight Foundation, simply send an email to and let’s talk about how we can heal the world through love.